LIGHT, SPACE AND COLOUR  - inspired by nature



1. any of various plants that turn towards the sun

2. a bluish-violet to purple colour

3. a bloodstone


C17: from Latin hēliotropium, from Greek hēliotropion, from hēlios sun + trepein to turn



Heliotrope Design specialises in lighting, space planning and colour schemes to maxmise the potential in your home. With designs inspired by nature, your surroundings and loves rather than trends, Heliotrope plays the long game when it comes to property improvements. 







Most clients have something in their schemes that needs to stay or a key item to work around and Heliotrope simply incorporates this into the overall scheme.  Find out if we can help you with a free initial online consultation. 

We prefer Google Meet or Zoom but can use most virtual meeting platforms. 




I've been in the property industry, in one guise or another, for most of my adult life. After years of juggling house renovations, family life and working very much part time, the majority of my time is now given to Heliotrope.


Nothing changes mission wise - by careful use of light, space and colour, the goal remains to provide a staightforward yet stylish, professional and proactive interior design service to private clients, architects, and builders alike. 




Tamzin Newby

Heliotrope Interior Design



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