WORKSHOPS: from september 2019, book a bespoke workshop for groups of 2-8 people

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Q: Who are the workshops aimed at?

A: my typical client


 ~ Busy people who need a hand bringing their designs to reality. My past clients at Heliotrope have been professional men or women or busy working mums and dads who have a renovation or building project looming large and need another pair of hands. 


 ~ I help to sift through interiors ideas and bring these to life in the home. It’s a partnership and the relationship is based on a mutual understanding of a particular style. The client can trust in my ability to translate that style on time and on budget. 


Q: what happens in a workshop?

A: learn design tools and apply them to your own home


 ~ Workshops recreate that partnership in small groups. Construction being a slightly male dominated environment building projects can seem a slightly one dimensional environment for clients and designers to live in for more than a few months.


~ A combination of 10 or 15 minute mini-lectures on specific aspects of design and hands-on practical exercises. In between these I make the tea while clients begin to get inspired and make design decisions with 1:1 help as and when necessary. 



- armfuls of notes on how to design and personalise your home

& hands on exercises

(as listed below)




- a bag of samples from the colour lirary (heliotrope's samples shed)




- 1 year membership of the colour library




new confidence and skills to design your home in your unique style - & some useful contacts 



Choose from....


Bespoke workshop

 3 hour (Morning)

including coffee and cakes

in Broad Chalke 

(£60 pp incl vat)


Bespoke workshop

3 hour (afternoon)

incliding tea and cakes

in broad chalke

(£60pp incl vat)


Bespoke all day workshop (6 hours) 

including a sandwich or sushi lunch

(£100pp incl vat)




Renovation goals

Working out and getting what want from your property 

Focus on function & form; design brief exercise; plans; schedule of works exercise; which professionals to engage & when.


Interior Style

Working out which style direction to take

Looking at trends and styles; inspiration exercise; mood and sample boards; budget considerations & sourcing.


Design Tools & Tips

Working with what you already have - style and design solutions

Using light, space and colour to design a base; moodboards, sampleboards and plans exercise.


Wellbeing At Home

Fusing together practicality, wellbeing and aesthetics

Green theory and eco-chic - trends and what's here to stay;  wellbeing in practice - smart technology, low VOCs etc. 


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